Asia is widely known for being a continent that boasts of some of the
most exotic destinations on the planet. It is not only the exotic
locations of Asia that attract so many people to different kinds of
Asian tours but also the natural beauty that different countries on
the continent possess. If you are planning a long vacation then you
must consider varying types of Asian tours.

One of the most popular Asian tours are those that are based in and
around India. India has a rich history of culture, diversity, natural
beauty, and manmade marvels. The majority of people travelling to
India tend to do so to see the incredibly beautiful Taj Mahal located
in Agra which is only a few kilometres from the capital of the
country, New Delhi.

While the Taj Mahal is a manmade wonder of the world, there are
natural wonders that can be seen in India too such as the beautiful
beaches in Goa. Goa’s beaches have a worldwide appeal because it
possesses both party beaches as well as serene beaches. Furthermore,
the North-eastern parts of the country boast of some gorgeous mountain
vistas while the southern regions possess a completely different feel.

Asian tours to Thailand are as famous as Indian tours, if not more.
Thailand is known the world over for being one of the most surreal
destinations on the planet. The country especially benefits from its
historic Buddhist influences but also possesses unparalleled natural

If Buddhist temples interest you or if you enjoy partying then you
would not find any destination better than Bangkok because it boasts
of the best of both these worlds. Another city that you must visit
while on a tour in Thailand is Chiang Mai, a city that boasts of more
than 300 temples, countless restaurants and clubs, and numerous
adventure activities.

China, like India, is a country that traces its roots to one of the
oldest civilisations of man. The gradual evolution of the Chinese
culture can be seen through its architecture and native traditions.
Beijing and its Great Wall of China is an obvious place to begin an
Asian tour based in the second most economically important country in
the world. Shanghai, Xi’an, and Hong Kong are other world renowned
destinations in and around China.

Vietnam offers something different from the majority of Asian tours
owing to the lush green beauty of this fairly traditional country. The
jaunt should ideally begin with Hanoi, the capital of the country
which shows the perfect blend of new developments and old structures
in its architecture.

Boasting of upwards of 600 temples, countless lakes, and innumerable
parks, this is a city worth visiting. Other places that should be
included in your tour include Ho Chi Minh City, Hoi An, and Halong