The need for people to keep abreast with what is happening in the world, especially within areas that they feel is relevant for them, has resulted in a lot of demand for magazines of various types. In fact, every niche audience in the world boasts of magazines devoted solely to it.

Prime examples of this include Asian magazines and Asian American magazines. There are numerous types of magazines catering to the Asian audience. While most of these magazines are published in Asian countries, certain magazines are published in the United States of America and known as Asian American magazines.

An Asian magazine that has done well in recent years is Candy. The magazine primarily focuses on subjects and topics that are of interest to Asian teenagers, which means that sometimes it also includes numerous western articles and images. Candy is quite a versatile magazine as it incorporates everything from fashion and movies to sports and nutritional supplements. It is published in Philippines by Summit Digital.

Filmfare is one of the most widely read Asian magazines in the world mainly because it focuses on Bollywood which is debatably the second most popular film industry in the world after Hollywood. Filmfare is published from India by Worldwide Media, a company held by BBC Worldwide and the Times Group.

Another popular Asian magazine published in India is known as Verve. Verve mainly focuses on style, fashion, and celebrities from India and other relevant regions nearby. The magazine also covers other associated areas such as lifestyle and nightlife in and around the region.

Many Asian magazines have a tendency to focus on an eclectic set of subjects and FHM Thailand is a good example of this. This magazine is primarily an entertainment magazine which means that it contains content on everything ranging from fashion and makeup to games and astrology. As is obvious, this magazine is published in Thailand.

While all the Asian magazines mentioned above are published in Asian countries, there are some that are published in the US. Magazines aimed at the Asian American community are often referred to as Asian American magazines.

One of the more popular Asian American magazines is Hyphen. Hyphen’s first issue came out in 2003 and it has since won many awards. This magazine comes out thrice a year and is largely published by volunteers. The magazine was conceived of and initiated by a group of Asian origin American journalists. The content of this magazine mainly revolves around pop culture, arts, and political subjects relevant to the Asian American community.

The oldest of the English language Asian American magazines is known as KoreAm which founded way back in 1990. KoreAm also contains content targeted at the Asian American community. The subjects this magazine covers are not well defined as it focuses on everything including news, politics, lifestyle, entertainment, culture, and even current events. While generally focusing on content for Asian Americans, KoreAm is often seen as specifically suited for Koreans living in the US.