When it comes to Asian Restaurants, many people have a different perception on what this mean. For some, Japanese cuisines and Thai food come to mind. For others, Americanized Chinese food is what comes to mind. What you need to understand is that there is more than one type of restaurant that falls into this category and it is important to understand the differences that are there. Take a moment to review some of the most common Asian cooking styles and dishes that are popular with regard to each cuisine style.

To begin with Thai food is one of the many popular choices for Asian cuisine and one that tends to have a very distinct taste. These dishes tend to blend multiple sensations together to create rich and indulgent foods. You will find that they use bitter, hot, salty, sour and even sweet flavors that will help to satisfy everyone in your group. Some common dishes are Pad Thai, Tom Yam Goong and Kuay Tiew.

Japanese food is another option that you have. Cooks that specialize in this style of cuisine take their cooking seriously and they will ensure that you experience authentic foods. Many dishes in this style include options like dipping sauces and the food is prepared in front of you. This helps Japanese food to be among the most authentic you can enjoy. Sushi and Tempura are examples of Japanese cuisine.

For some Vietnamese food will be another great choice. For these dishes, you can anticipate plenty of fresh vegetables and herbs being part of the dish. While there are also dipping sauces, you will find that these foods tend to be healthier and you will have more seafood options when compared to some of the others. Pho, Vermicelli and Chao are among the most common dishes you will find in this style of Asian Restaurants.  

One final type of Asian cuisine that should be explored is Korean food. Each province has their own unique style, but there are some cultural dishes that cross over between the styles. This style of cooking is very unique and will certainly stand out when you are enjoying it. Kimchi, Galbi and Ddeokbokki are among the typical dishes you will find.

As you can see, there are plenty of unique dishes that can be found when exploring Asian food. When you want to try one of the best options that you have in Texas, Taste of Asia will be among the best choices you have. With some of the most popular dishes that come from authentic Asian dishes and Americanized classics, this will be a great place to sample some of the best Asian cuisine available in the area.