There are many famous Asian and Asian American entertainers working today.

Many actors, musicians, and directors of Asian descent have risen to prominence in recent years.

Entertainers of Asian descent were once rare in the American media, but the situation has begun to change today.

Of course, there are many Asian entertainers who ought to be more well known.

Many people who are not media experts will probably be more familiar with famous actors than famous directors, so actors of Asian descent may become more famous than directors of Asian descent.

Then again, directors still work in the film industry, which still gives them a reasonably good shot at fame.

People’s tastes in music and comedy tend to be less broad than their tastes in films, so musicians and comedians may not always have the cultural prominence that the most famous actors can achieve.

However, many entertainers can still achieve success within a niche group, particularly in the Information Age.

Some actors of Asian descent are famous in multiple formats.

For example, many young people today will recognize Ming-Na Wen as the voice actress of Mulan, the title character from the popular animated film Mulan.

She has also had a career in television and live-action film that has spanned several decades.

She is currently in the main cast of the popular show Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

Ang Lee may be one of the most famous directors of Asian descent today.

Over the course of his career, he has earned three Academy Awards and has been nominated for an Academy Award an additional five times.

Some directors are more popular with critics than they are with audiences, and other directors are more popular with audiences than they are with critics.

Ang Lee has managed to earn the support of both audiences and critics throughout his distinguished career.

Margaret Cho is a well-known Korean-American comedian who has also worked as a singer-songwriter and a fashion designer.

She has worked in many different sectors of the entertainment industry.

Dat Phan is a Vietnamese-American entertainer famous for observational comedy.

Many comedians of Asian descent, including Margaret Cho and Dat Phan, discuss or mock racial stereotypes as part of their regular comedy shows.

Some Asian entertainers have had somewhat unconventional career paths.

For instance, Japanese-American actor George Takei, who is famous for portraying Sulu on the original Star Trek series, has actually developed a new level of Internet popularity at a relatively late stage in his career.

George Takei demonstrates the influence that public figures can have in any medium.

Many other Asian entertainers have been part of the Star Trek franchise.

Garrett Wang was part of the main cast on Star Trek: Voyager and Linda Park was part of the main cast on Star Trek: Enterprise.

Prop designer Wah Chang helped create the iconic Star Trek phasers.

Asian entertainers have influenced Star Trek both in front of the camera and behind the scenes, as part of their broader influence on popular culture.