An impressive number of Asian designers have taken the catwalks of Paris, London and New York. Some like Jason Wu are already well-known and respected as fashion royalty, while others like Ji Oh are just stepping into the limelight. Some Asian fashion designers deserve special recognition for their innovative approach and talent.

Jason Wu
Jason Wu is a Taiwanese-Canadian fashion designer most famous for creating the dresses that Michelle Obama wore during the first and second inaugurations of President Barack Obama. Since then, Wu has gained a lot of public attention and fame in the fashion world.

His designs feature a simple, practical yet contemporary and feminine style. Some of his most famous clients are Amber Valleta and January Jones.

Hanako Maeda
Born in Tokyo and raised in New York, Hanako Maeda is praised for her chic and feminine clothes. Maeda’s signature style is often described as an elegant blend of modernity and tradition. Although fairly new to the fashion scene, Maeda enjoys a lot of public attention following the success of her label. Designed for the urban woman, Maeda’s clothes have already been endorsed by many celebrities including Chrissy Teigen and Sarah Jessica Parker.

Phillip Lim
Philip Lim, or Pheng Lim, is an American designer of Chinese descent, best known for his youthful designs that promote street elegance. In 2007, the Council of Fashion Designers of America awarded Lim with the most prestigious award in the fashion world – the Emerging Talent in Womenswear prize.

Since then, Lim’s fashion label has conquered the high-street shops of New York, Los Angeles, Tokyo and Seoul. Celebrities like Scarlett Johansson, Camellia Belle and Isla Fisher are regularly spotted wearing Phillip Lim designs.

Ji Oh
Ji Oh is an aspiring Korean-born designer. As a teenager, she moved to the heart of the fashion industry – New York, to study fashion design. Her bold and sophisticated collections feature minimalistic, androgynous designs that quickly made her the rising star on New York’s fashion scene.

Considered boyish by the critics, Ji Oh’s designs are aimed at the artistic urban women in their late 20s.

Austin Wu
Twenty-four year old Austin Wu is the only Taiwanese designer who was invited to join the acclaimed Asia Fashion Collection project. Wu has been getting a lot of attention in the fashion circles following the launch of his Austin W line, featuring fabrics and materials traditionally used in drapery and upholstery. The collection aims at conveying a feeling of family and home through bright textile prints and sleek lines.

Asian fashion designers are bold, innovative and ready to push the boundaries. These characteristics have given them worldwide fame and have allowed them to shape the face of the fashion industry.