One of the best things about Asian cooking is having a nice buffet in every large cities within United States.  They are also not very expensive compared to other cuisine.  But some do cost significantly higher than others.  One of the best in this category is Korean Gal Bi Buffets. 

Korean Gal Bi’s are rib meat marinated in soy sauce for long time.  It is the prime meat of the cow.  Gal Bi is meat in the stomach of cow that gets marinated with soy sauce, green onions, onions, sesame seeds, oil, salt and ginger.  Gal Bi gets marinated in this sauce and once cooked over wood meat it is eaten with bean paste and lettuce.  Let me tell you, because I am a steak eater, the taste cannot be replicated by any other form of meat.  It is probably the best tasting marinated meat and enjoyed by millions of people all over the word.  You have to remember you also eat this with many different side dishes that are full of taste, sauces and vegetables.

You can find many of these top Korean Gal Bi Buffets in larger city.  Typically, these are sold in any Korean restaurants as top dish on their menu, but in some of the larger cities like New York, Los Angeles, Atlanta and Chicago you can find a very good Korean Gal Bi Buffets.  One thing you have to be aware is they are not cheap.  Like with any high end steak houses, you can find them to be little more expensive than typical meal, but if you go to Buffets in the larger cities, you will get your money’s worth.

One of the best in Chicago is Woori Village located in Glenview.  It serves many Korean dishes, but on any given night you will see many Korean’s and Asian’s barbequing Korean Gal Bi at their table.  It is one of the best experiences of eating.  Cooking your food right in front of you.  If you know of any very good Korean Gal Bi buffets in your neighborhood you can let us know.